AI CapCut Template

AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays an important role in revolutionizing video making, photo editing, and social media. With AI-based CapCut templates, influencers are setting new Instagram Reel and TikTok trends, inspiring others to look for these templates online. In this post, we will share a collection of popular and amazing templates that you can use right now.

In the past, when AI first emerged, we published our AI anime cartoon CapCut template, which can transform you into an anime version of yourself. So, check out more of these types of templates below and have fun creating AI videos for your social media!

Beat 5/5 Anime CapCut Template

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AI iOS Edit

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Beat AI Anh Edit

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AI GTA Character Edit

AI Face Change Edit

AI Different Background Edits

AI vs Anime

The AI World Image Edit

AI Barbie Scan

AI Avatar Scan

AI Loading Effect

How to Use AI CapCut Templates?

If you are having struggle using the AI CapCut Template then you can follow the steps below to easily create your video. Below are the steps to use the template and create the perfect video for your reels.

  1. Download the Latest Version of CapCut App.
  2. Simple find the templates above, or visit, or see our capcut template new trend page to find trending templates.
  3. Use the search option to find AI CapCut Template.
  4. Preview these templates and choose the one you like.
  5. Once you have made your choice, click the "Use Template on CapCut" button and you shall be redirected to the CapCut app.
  6. (optional) If you are from India, then first use any VPN and then click on "Use Template on CapCut"
  7. Now select your photos and videos which you want to add in video.
  8. After that click on Export, you can have your video ready to share with the world. And once you're finished, you can export your masterpiece in your preferred format and resolution.
  9. If you want to export the video without watermark, you can click on "Save and Share on TikTok".